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The Joy of Reading

The Joy of Reading

The Joy of Reading

Have you felt the first warmth of the sun on a winter morning? It caresses you with gentleness and surrounds you with an aura of joy. Such is the joy of Reading! Reading is a journey from a blissful euphoria to a desperate misery. As I select my book to read amidst the solitary, blissful nature, I feel inspired, for I am no longer in solitude, but in companionship with nature. I read away leisurely, drifting from the worries of life and transporting myself in a world that is encapsulated by rich knowledge. I am lost in a world of peace and relaxation. It is a feeling, undescribed by words.

As a rapacious reader, reading is my elixir. Every word courses through my veins illuminating my soul with the radiance of mindfulness! Every page that I leaf through, indulges me more towards self-discovery. It makes my life more meaningful, for I am able to see, hear, smell, touch and taste the unknown! I begin to conceive nature as a living personality. I can hear the roll of the sea, I can see the vibrant colours of the ambience, I can smell the aroma of the fresh breeze, I can touch the soft, comforting earthy soil and taste the sweet honey-dewed breeze that cocoons me in its motherly embrace.

To me, reading is therapeutic! It heals me physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically. It is a mystery, which I am yet to solve. It alleviates my troubled mind and helps me to make peace with my fate. If Reading is an immeasurable depth of curiosity, then Books are the pearls of knowledge and wisdom. It lightens my dark path of ignorance and leads me to an enlightened world of knowledge. It sows the seeds of curiosity within me and leads me to the door of discovery. A discovery of the self! Reading has made me find a sense of balance in my life. The joy of reading has elevated my spirituality and consciousness! I now embark on an unknown journey of self-discovery to find a deeper connection with myself. Now, with a book in my hand and joy in my heart, I set forth towards self-realization......

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