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Cambridge IGCSE (Grade 9 & 10)

MRV Cares- The Social Service Club

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Purpose –The objectives of the club are to -

  1. Inculcate values such as empathy, community and leadership amongst its members that can be used to make our world better.
  2. Give students a place to explore, celebrate and nurture their human potential.
  3. Shape young philanthropists of tomorrow who will change the future.
  4. Foster a spirit of environmental awareness and sustainability in students.

In charges-

Ms Ruth Dsouza

Ms Megha Arora

Ms Sangeeta Natrajan

Name of Position Student Grade
President Aahan Ajit Karnavat AS
Vice President Riddhi Gupta AS
Secretary Sanjini Gala X
Content Lead Sanvy Sanjay Kulkarni VIII
Creative Lead Ethan Costa IX
Fundraising Lead Dheeya Manish Shah X
Marketing and Communications Lead Aadi Juthani IX
Events Lead Naysa Khemlani AS
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