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We take not more than 30 students per class. Each standard usually has 2 divisions.

Food Seva is a concept where in everyday day one parent sends home cooked lunch for the entire class. Each parent gets 1 or 2 turns in a month to do Food Seva. This starts from Playgroup till Grade 2 in MRV.
From Grade 3 onwards students carry their lunch from home or avail dabba wala services which collect dabbas from student’s home.
For short break students can carry form home or buy food from the school cafeteria on 2nd floor.

YES !!! Students do wear comfortable uniforms. School uniforms, PT uniforms, Guides & Scouts uniforms (if applicable). Jackets for winter season too.

Academic year at MRV starts in mid-June each year and ends mid-April in the following year.

Students in MRV appear for the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint exams in Grade 5.

YES !!! All our classrooms from Grade 1 to A levels (Grade 12) have air conditioners and smart boards from grade 5 to A levels.

MRV has 2 ICT Laboratories (Primary & secondary). There are 3 different science laboratories in MRV (physics, chemistry & Biology)

Cambridge Primary students at MRV are engaged in various enrichment programmes and various Club activities. To name a few enrichment activities: Science Utsav, Trinity English, Robotron and etc. Club activities include sports like Football, Cricket, and Swimming etc.

At MRV the Cambridge primary syllabus starts at Grade 1 and concludes at Grade 5.

The Cambridge primary curriculum emphasis on core subjects of English, Mathematics & Science subjects. MRV offers additional languages and subjects too.